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Neighborhood Revitalization Zones

A law enacted in 1995 established a process for the development of Neighborhood Revitalization Zones (NRZs). The objective of the NRZ process is to revitalize neighborhoods through the collaborative involvement of residents, businesses and government to determine the vision and priorities of the individual neighborhoods. The NRZ process provides a mechanism for local stakeholders, along with local municipal officials, to develop a strategic plan to revitalize their neighborhood. Municipalities wishing to participate in the process may establish zones in one or more of their neighborhoods by a resolution of their legislative body. Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 7-600 through Sec. 7-608 are the laws covering all aspects of the NRZ program and can be found at


You can find New Britain NRZ's on Facebook:

North-Oak NRZ

Arch Street NRZ

East Side NRZ