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Medication Drop-Off Box

NEW BRITAIN—Mayor Erin E. Stewart and Police Chief James Wardwell held a press conference on Friday, April 8th at 11 a.m. to unveil a new secure drop off box for residents to safely dispose of their unwanted medications.

The drop-off box is located in the lobby of the New Britain Police station, which is located at 10 Chestnut Street. It was purchased through funds from Rite-Aid, TRIAD, and the New Britain Police Department.

“I invite residents to take advantage of this free service to safely dispose of their medications that are no longer needed,” said Mayor Stewart. “The police station is easily accessible and the lobby is always open. Proper disposal of unwanted drugs helps to keep unused drugs out of the hands of youth and out of our waterways.”

Residents can safely dispose of unwanted drugs, including prescription medications, over the counter medicines, vitamins and supplements, and pet medicines. Items not accepted include needles or other sharp objects, hazardous waste, thermometers, and personal care products.

Chief James Wardwell said “We are pleased to have been able to work together with community stakeholders to provide a safe, free and anonymous service to assist in the disposal of unwanted medications. This is not only good for our environment, but it is a critical service in keeping these medications out of the hands of others, thus eliminating that potential for misuse.”

Medications that are flushed down the drain or disposed of in the trash can contaminate water, harm wildlife, and pollute drinking water. One study done by U.S Geological Survey has shown that broad range of chemicals—both from human and veterinarian drugs—were found in 80 percent of the streams that the department tested. These ingredients can pose hazards to humans and wildlife.

No ID is required and the service is free and confidential. The medications will be routinely brought to a waste facility for incineration.



Medicine from household that Include:

- Prescription medications including controlled substances
- Over-the-counter medicines
- Vitamins and Supplements
- Pet Medicines


Medicine from businesses that include:

- Health care facilities
- Pharmacies or doctor offices
- Pharmaceutical representatives
- Veterinary Clinics
No needles, sharps or syringes