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CSO Program

The Police Reserve: Community Service Officers

Thank you for your interest in the Police Reserve program. Our goal is to recruit, train, and deploy a corps of community service officers to provide direct assistance to police officers and members of the community. Although community service officers (CSO's) do not perform law enforcement duties or have the power of arrest, they do perform functions which are currently the responsibility of sworn officers.
Some examples of CSO duties are:

  • assistance at accident scenes
  • completing reports in non-criminal cases
  • assisting in searches
  • providing transportation to stranded motorists
  • patrolling school grounds
  • standing by at alarms

With your help, police officers will have more time to devote to law enforcement and public safety. CSO's are deployed in pairs during the evening hours and the weekly commitment will be minimal. CSO's are volunteers and receive no salary. CSO's uniforms are distinctive and should not be confused with those of officers, and every attempt is made to assure the safety of volunteers. This program is an excellent opportunity for those interested in a career in law enforcement to gain valuable experience and for service-oriented individuals to contribute to the community.

Any questions can be directed to Sgt. Adam Capowski at (860) 826-3071, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7AM and 3PM.

Click here to download an application