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Traffic Bureau

The Traffic Safety Bureau carries specialized responsibility for planning, analysis, monitoring and coordination of all traffic activities undertaken by the Department.

Major tasks and duties include :

- Developing, implementing and administering traffic enforcement practices, policies, and procedures governing traffic law violations.

- Providing vital investigation, information collection, and traffic control services at scenes involving DUI, personal injury or serious/complex traffic accidents.

- Maintaining and upgrading uniform programs on traffic accident management, traffic control and direction, and specialized investigation and selective enforcement operations.

- Planning and coordinating all major city and community events.

- Developing, releasing, and/or presenting traffic safety information, programs and educational materials to the general public.

Office hours are generally 7:00AM to 3:00PM. Hours are adjustable to deal with specific traffic problems such as speeders, directed DWI enforcement, traffic safety checkpoints, etc.

The Bureau Supervisor is Sgt. Adam Capowski. He can be reached at (860) 826-3071 or via e-mail