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Property & Evidence

Operates Monday through Friday 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
*Excluding Holidays

The Property and Evidence Division's primary mission is to receive, document, categorize, log, prepare for release, properly destroy and safeguard all items coming into the custody of the New Britain Police Department. The Property and Evidence Division oversees three categories of items, criminal evidence, investigative hold and found property. These various items include:

Long Guns
Miscellaneous Weapons
Evidence related to serious criminal acts
The Property and Evidence Division is responsible for properly preparing evidence for court proceedings and ensuring that all items are signed out pursuant to Connecticut State Statue and department rules and regulations. The Property and Evidence Division ensures that all property that is ordered destroyed is done so in a manner consistent with Connecticut State Statue. When property can be returned to its rightful owner Property and Evidence personnel will contact the legal owner and ensure that the items are returned in a timely manner. If you have lost an item or your personal property has been taken from you, please check with this unit to see if it has been recovered.

For any questions please contact Ofc. Krysiak by phone (860) 826-3177 or e-mail