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What should I do if I find a roaming domestic animal?

You should always report any roaming domestic animal to the routine number.  It is dangerous to take a roaming dog into your home!  Most people who have lost their pets report them missing to animal control so it is important to report the animal as soon as possible so we can reunite it with its owner. We also scan found animals for microchips, post pictures of them on line, and place an ad in the newspaper in hopes of finding the owner.

What happens to the dogs that animal control picks up?

If an owner does not claim a dog within 7 days, the dog can then be placed up for adoption. Each dog is evaluated for its temperament prior to placing it for adoption.  Animals that are extremely sick or aggressive will not be adopted out to the public.  Please click on the link below and watch the following video for a more in depth look at the process the dogs go through at our facility.

What should I do if I get bit by a dog?  

Seek immediate medical attention and call our routine line.  All animal bites must be reported to your local animal control.  If animal control is not available, and officer will come and take a report and the animal control officer will follow up. Any domestic animal that bites a human must be quarantined for a period of 10 days per state law.

What vaccines do my domestic animals need?

CT State law requires all domestic animals to be vaccinated for rabies.  The City of New Britain also requires all dogs to be vaccinated for parvovirus.  There are several types of vaccines available for both your cat and dog to keep them from getting deadly and contagious diseases and viruses.  You should consult with a veterinarian to find out what vaccines are recommended for your pet.

I have a family of groundhogs living under my shed. What should I do?  

Please refer to the CT DEEP website for information on nuisance wildlife.  Trapping and relocating wild animals is against the law as they are considered a vector species, meaning they transmit viruses.  You can deter many wild animals from inhabiting your yard by doing one or more of the following:

-Keep garbage in containers with tightly covered lids

-Refrain from putting bird feeders out

-Place moth balls or rags soaked in ammonia under sheds and porches where nuisance animals are nesting

How can I donate to the New Britain Animal Control? 

We love donations! It helps us with the extra cost of caring for some of our less fortunate animals in need!  We can always use bags of dog food (we prefer Purina One) and cans of food for our elderly and little dogs.  Large dog biscuits are always needed too!  We also use paper towels, bleach, kongs, leashes and collars that are gently worn, and yummy dog treats! Donations can be dropped off at the New Britain Animal control during open adoption hours.  Below is a link to our amazon wish list.

How do I make an anonymous complaint about animal abuse?  

Anonymous tips can be called in through our tip line at 860-826-3199